Senor Chugger

One More Tune & One More Pint

Senor Chugger - One More Tune & One More Pint

Moustache Records welcomes Senor Chugger to the label family! His debut EP 'One More Tune & One More Pint' (yes come on let's have it!!) aims to encompass the euphoric feeling of being on a dance floor with nothing but your mates and some good music (and pints). Honestly I'd be happy if that's what's awaiting me in the afterlife. 'Press the Flesh' is the head of our proverbial euphoric snake, making no promises other than you'll have a bloody good time listening to it. 'Midnight Scooter Cruise' is about those last few moments before the lights come on; feeling genuinely happy to have been able to live in the present for more than a few seconds throughout the night and have a laugh - followed by thoughts such as 'Goodness me I'm going to feel horrific tomorrow'. Flipping over to the B side (or the snake's ass, if you will), we have 2 tracks competing for the loudest snare award. 'Head in the Clouds of Smoke' is a nod towards the great times had in the peak of the midday sun at festivals, where otherwise non-smokers inexplicably decide to chuff their way through a 20 pack. Last, but by no means least, 'Newton Abbot Reunion' is about going back home to see old friends - one of the more wholesome hangovers I'm sure you can relate to. Overall this EP wants you to keep on dancing - there will always be one more tune, and one more pint (unless you've had too many in which case don't do that). 'Very very good EP. Possibly the best I've heard this year.' - Count van Delicious 'Will you stop making your Italy disco or whatever it's called and take the dog for a walk please' - Senor Chugger's mum This is the unknown hit everybody is looking for played by Moustache Labelboss David Vunk at numberous parties, club and festivals!!!! This is the 2020 HIT EP Be fast gone is gone!

12inch Moustache: MST043 remind