Marcos Valle

Samba 68

Marcos Valle - Samba 68

Samba ‘68 is a vibrant set of Brazilian pop, indebted to bossa nova and samba but undeniably Americanized for a domestic audience. The result is a joyous album throughout that wears its dated sound quite well. Marcos Valle interprets eleven of his own songs, including Brazilian standards like ‘Chup Chup, I Got Away,’ ‘Batucada’ and ‘So Nice (Summer Samba),’ as well as new tracks like ‘Crickets Sing for Anamaria’ and ‘The Answer.’ The vocal harmonies of his wife (the Anamaria of the song title) provide a beautiful counterpoint to Valle’s voice on several tracks, making Samba ‘68 one of the best Brazilian crossovers of the 1960s.

LP Elemental Music: Elemental Music 700127 € 27,99