upsammy - Zoom

Zoom is Thessa Torsing’s first full-length album as upsammy. Since 2017, she has developed a signature style in front of listeners eyes and ears: hers is a mesh of airy tones, tender melodies and highly technical drum patterns which wrap around the body of the song like colourful thread around a metallic spindle. Zoom, a refinement of her sound and an expansion of its ambition, is evidently electronic yet seems to float some way off beyond the glow of a screen. “I don’t like it when something sounds stiff,” upsammy says. “If electronica is super sharp, quantized, hi-fi-ized, this is kind of logical; it is a computer after all. But then, for me, all the emotion is removed. I like little imperfections.”

2LP Dekmantel: DKMNTL083 remind