Beyond The Altai

Tecwaa - Beyond The Altai

Altai, everything around is primitive, grandiose and majestic: with a mighty ring spread out and went into the endless distance of the mountain stangible presence of ancient spirits. Soft lines moved one after another, mixed in a maze of outlines and closed in the elusive distance of air azure and like a real Altai shaman Tecwaa sprays magical vibes through his new album at Gothenburg's Höga Nord Rekords. It is a cliché to describe music as a trip or an ocean or whatever, so this album, Tecwaa’s album “Beyond the Altai” released on Höga Nord Rekords, will in part be described as a snowman: the snowman has its characteristic familiar shape. He is cold yet there is something warm and cuddly about him, something that makes you feel happy and safe.

LP Hoga Nord Rekords: HNRLP020 € 21,99