The Works EP (The Unreleased Mixes)

Helium - The Works EP (The Unreleased Mixes)

3 unreleased mixes, by Helium, that have nothing to envy to the originals that have been unearthed: If ’Try Me (More Mix)’ does exactly what’s written on the tin, i.e. expanding the scope to further spacious, ambient-informed horizons, ‘Clouds (Captain’s Mix)’ opts for a more abstract, ASMR-like rendition, while ‘Out There (Jody’s Mix)’ reels out as a proper hypnotic, sense-awakening comber topped off by Jody's vocals that’ll send off dancers straight into a blissed-out daze. 45 RPM for a loud-living room and sound neighbourly relations.

12inch Kalahari Oyster Cult: OYSTER20.2 € 13,99