Far Out Radio Systems

On Boolean Plains

Far Out Radio Systems - On Boolean Plains

Switch on your receiver and tune in to Far Out Radio Systems for another essential transmission. A lengthy one this time, since On Boolean Plains is the debut album of this Belgium production unit. Station master of Far Out Radio Systems is the Genk based producer Thomas Neyens, who keeps a cinemascope view on electronic music and has previously released on the SoHaSo- label as Kiani & His Legion.

On Boolean Plains takes you back to the IDM hey days of labels like Warp and Skam, back when the Artificial Intelligence-series got praise from electronic music lovers around the globe. Neyens manages to reshape that magic and make it his own, thanks to more than a handful of intricate melodies and the occasional distorted beat. Edgy electronic dance music about a world in distress. It will bring you both comfort and concern.
The title track is a melancholic Bola-esque affair, with beautiful gloomy strings, eerie breakbeats and enough space to hide yourself in. But you will also find beautiful ambient bliss ('Beta Ceti'), bleepy techno with a firm nod to Plastikman ('Queen of the Streets') and soothing percussive house ('Do We Have a Cosmic Connection'), a track that will lure you to that sweet spot on the dancefloor.

While Neyens knows his classics, On Boolean Plains is not a retro album. Far from. It's both a personal leap from what was to what will be AND an imprint of current affairs. Hence titles like 'Theme For The Lockdown' and 'Tears in Code'. Far Out Radio Systems truly lives up to it's name. Strong vibes in every direction.

2LP Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo028 € 20,99
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