DJ Archaea

TPA (incl. Facta / RIP Swirl remixes)

DJ Archaea - TPA (incl. Facta / RIP Swirl remixes)

art-aud continues its challenge and reason to discover and introduce new talents, and this time welcome and present the debut release of Dj Archaea, a weird-loving nerdy dad from Tampa (USA). a threetracker that mixes many ingredients, certainly with uk-sound influences and veneration, but with a very American ghetto slappy touch. to complete the already succulent and colorful package of the aforementioned, we called two friends and such great artists to reinterpret his visions in their own way, with results that bring the whole to a beautiful sonic completeness. we are happy to be back!

12inch Art-Aud: A-A07 € 13,99