The long awaited next installment of the Spandau20X series comes a spicy one: X02 is a collection of 40 (!) locked grooves featuring contributions from every member of the crew.
To add even more pepper, two of every artist's loops will be released as audio-visuell NFTs (20 NFTs in total - in a edition of 1), available for purchase on the day of official release.
Anna Z, J.Manuel, Claus Sch?ning, Elli Acula, Rifts, Dajusch, Nikk, Fadi Mohem, Tobi Neumann & Label heads FJAAK provide heavy utility DJ tools here & they will fly away quick, so do take this advice seriously and secure your 2 copies.

10inch SPANDAU20: SPND20X02 € 16,99