Elli Acula, Claus, FJAAK


Elli Acula, Claus, FJAAK - SPANDAU20 009

Introducing Elli Acula's latest pounder "BFF"! Packed with high-octane energy, vibrant contrasts, and explosive changes - this track got heavily road tested and sets dance floors ablaze. Kicking off with a hard-hitting and relentless kick drum that lays the groundwork for what's to come. As you delve deeper, you'll meet mesmerizing glitchy vocal cuts that add an ethereal dimension to it. But it doesn't end here - a nasty synth line with shuffling stabs and a captivating melody keep you hooked. The sheer contrast and dynamic shifts offer some serious shakes and a heavy dose of breakbeats in the B-part. Get your slice!

Enter the immersive world of "Vape Nation" by multi disciplinary artist Claus. This track blends hypnotic binaural synth lines, pulsating sub-bass, clean drums, and energetic rhythms into a groovy and futuristic journey. Atmospheric soundscapes provide moments of respite within the industrial, abstract, and trippy sonic landscape. "Vape Nation" is a captivating and infectious listening experience that transcends convention, inviting you to embrace the exceptional.

"Tek Tek Tek"by FJAAK is a rhythmic 4-stepper that explores dynamic beat changes and percussion-driven elements. At its core, it features a heavy, punchy kick drum that sets the tone to make a warehouse shake. The track's smacking synth line adds a unique texture, while short vocal snippets follow the song's title, creating a sense of intrigue and anticipation. 'Tek Tek Tek' invites listeners to immerse themselves in its groovy world, where the rhythmic focus meets the dance floor.

12inch SPANDAU20: SPND20009 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L