Ed Davenport

Place Of Connect PT.1

Ed Davenport  - Place Of Connect PT.1

Having explored rather obscure and downtempo territory with Mr. G's album Pearls Don't Lay On the Shore earlier this year, CHILDHOOD returns with another discernig 12" dedicated to the dancefloor.

Welcome to PLACE OF CONNECT PT.01!

Ed Davenport, who has mainly focussed on his INLAND moniker in recent years, brings back another distinctive side of his personality delivering three unique, raw and pumping house cutz under his real name.

The A-side starts off with Suntazia, an acid break beat anthem that sheds light and euphoria onto any dance floor, and is followed by the true jacking groove that is Inertia. The B-side is made up of Electricity, a wonderful testimonial to those magic moments on the dance floor, when everybody in the room just moves and moves... beyond the need of unnecessary gimmicks and sonic spectacles.

12inch CHILDHOOD: CH007 € 13,49