The 7S Collective Vol 2

V/A - The 7S Collective Vol 2

Massive track alert! Dutchy Estroe drops on of the best techno tracks of the year. Fuck..this is so sweet. Detroit Techno at its best... I don't even try to describe it.. Check out Carl Cox' comment on Bellisimore: ''I really like this. It's very funky, very downtempo. It's one of those records that creeps up on you..! Laurent Garnier's comment: ''this will be a classic in my record-boxes''! Flipside: Not Sure who the Machinist are.. but if Chicago sound is your thing you can get one of the coolest Chicago tracks in a long time. The ep tops it off with a nice and dubby Rhytm and Sound kind of track. Brilliant ep!

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR011 € 7,99