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Piero Piccioni - Colpo Rovente

Piero Piccioni

Colpo Rovente

'Colpo Rovente' is one of the rarest soundtrack albums in the Italian film music history. This soundtrack stands out from the traditional period into... more...

LP Beatball: BEAT67 remind

Piero Piccioni - Cadaveri Eccellenti

Piero Piccioni

Cadaveri Eccellenti

A superb soundtrack composed for the Francesco Rosi’s film “Cadaveri Eccellenti” based on the novel “Il Trattato” by Leonardo Sciascia. A portrait of... more...

LP Dagored: RED243 remind

Piero Piccioni - Puppet On A Chain

Piero Piccioni

Puppet On A Chain

A masterpiece of suspense and no-holds barred action, Puppet on a Chain was adapted from Alistair Maclean’s 1969 novel and released in 1971. Directed... more...

LP Silva Screen: SILLP1519 remind

Piero Piccioni - Minnesota Clay

Piero Piccioni

Minnesota Clay

This stunning soundtrack composed and directed by Piero Piccioni for the 1964 Spaghetti Western movie Minnesota Clay, directed by Sergio Corbucci and... more...

LP Contempo Soundtracks: C02007LP € 25,99

Piero Piccioni - Bora Bora

Piero Piccioni

Bora Bora

“Bora Bora” is a 1968 film directed by Ugo Liberatore who, under the pretext of telling about a marriage relationship crisis, depicts the eponymous Po... more...

LP AMS: AMSLP111 € 25,49

Piero Piccioni - Camille 2000

Piero Piccioni

Camille 2000

Rome, Aventino, one of the most amazing neighborhoods in the South area of the capital city. In an old garage, fully stored and preserved, tons of 1/4... more...

2LP Blind Faith Records: BF0103LP € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Piero Piccioni - Le Streghe

Piero Piccioni

Le Streghe

Digitmovies is proud to present on LP the OST by Piero Piccioni for the episodes ''La strega bruciata viva'' (''The Witch Scorched Alive'') by Luchino... more...

LP Digitmovies: LPDM015 € 27,99

Piero Piccioni - Le Mani Sulla Citta

Piero Piccioni

Le Mani Sulla Citta

Dagored present for the first on vinyl Piero Piccioni's complete score for Le Mani Sulla Città (1963). A racy and doomy soundtrack filled with incredi... more...

LP Dagored: RED233 € 20,99

Piero Piccioni - Al Cinema Con Piero Piccioni

Piero Piccioni

Al Cinema Con Piero Piccioni

We're excited to present the reissue of the legendary session ''AL CINEMA CON PIERO PICCIONI'', originally composed of 2 volumes and released on the f... more...

LP Sonor Music Editions: SME49 € 29,99

Piero Piccioni - 3 Notti D'Amore

Piero Piccioni

3 Notti D'Amore

Originally released in 1964 on CAM – CMS series, this record had a very limited pressing, and is considered one of the grooviest and jazziest scores c... more...

LP Four Flies Records: FLIESSJ01 € 29,99

Piero Piccioni - Il Medico Della Mutua / Il Prof. Dott. Guido Tersilli Primario Della Clinica Villa Celeste Convenzionata Con La Mutua
LP AMS: AMSLP121 € 27,99

Piero Piccioni - Musica Amore

Piero Piccioni

Musica Amore

MUSICA AMORE is an extraordinary album (1972) by Maestro Piccioni which includes songs from various soundtracks showing its many facets. He uses of th... more...

LP Cinedelic: CNST702 € 28,99

Piero Piccioni - Right Or Wrong / Once And Again

Piero Piccioni

Right Or Wrong / Once And Again

For the first time in a single 7’’ the gorgeous soul ballads that Piero Piccioni composed for the title credits of two Italian-Spanish thrillers, both... more...

7inch Four Flies Records: FLIES4507 € 22,99

Piero Piccioni - Il Dio Sotto La Pelle

Piero Piccioni

Il Dio Sotto La Pelle

One of the best Piero Piccioni's contribute for the 7th art. Recorded for the homonymous documentary (1974) by Folco Quilici and Carlo Alberto Pinelli... more...

2LP Musica Per Immagini: MPI-LP002 € 32,49

Piero Piccioni - Il Boom

Piero Piccioni

Il Boom

WHP preset a reissue of Piero Piccioni's original score for Il Boom, originally released on CAM in 1963. Written by Cesare Zavattini, directed by Vitt... more...

LP WHP: WHP1441 € 15,49