The Fascination Movement


The Fascination Movement - 0.5

If you secretly believe that all of the best dance music has an undercurrent of melancholy then you are in for a treat. 0.5, the debut EP from the Fascination Movement, doesn’t skimp on either the dancefloor rhythms or the windswept yes-we-remember-New Pop romanticism. The Fascination Movement is looking forwards, not backwards: just because this is music that adapts the same vocabulary created by bands like New Order or early Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark doesn’t change the fact that from the first arpeggios of “Just Pretend” you feel the shock of the new. Of course, you may be too busy humming along to the choruses to notice how slyly the band makes a classic sound fresh again...

12inch Aube Records: Aube006 € 7,99