The Fascination Movement

Remix Volume 1

The Fascination Movement - Remix Volume 1

Like any group enthralled by the history of electronic pop, The Fascination Movement love remixes. On the heels of their 0.5 EP, and to keep you busy while they put the finishing touches on their debut album, they give you Remix Vol 1. Starcluster twists “Radio” into burbling new dancefloor shapes with a tinge of 90s proto-house including 808 drums and roland baselines, ALBA (a new project with Roland Sebastian Faber and Michael Black of Unit 4/Jupiter Black) reworks “Down Again” into something sweeping and nocturnal, adding rock flavored live drums and a new shimmering melody on top. Elitechnique stunningly suspends “Just Pretend” in space with spinning organs, transforming it from a propulsive pop song into something wholly different. In the days of dime a dozen remixes that consist of nothing more than retro-fitting tracks with a 4/4 beat, these beauties show off the originals in new and surprising ways.

12inch Aube Records: Aube007 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L