Roland Sebastian Faber

Gegen Den Strom ep

Roland Sebastian Faber - Gegen Den Strom ep

As the US retire each of their space going shuttles it appears that exiting the stratosphere is more difficult than ever. Yet there is one pilot who still makes aural excursions into the cosmos, Roland Sebastian Faber. Since the beginning of Aube Records RSF has been serving up his brand of analogue astronomy, creating lush interplanetary sounds and otherworldly vistas. The French voyager, across three 12”s, has introduced listeners to his astral world; one of deep electronic tones, cosmic undercurrents and 70s electro disco passion. Once more this Moog veteran is setting off on a journey into the synthesizer stars. “Society” opens the 12” with a rumbling galaxy of analogue sounds. The track sees RSF pooling together a catalogue of synthesizer arpeggios and arrangements to create a cascading work. The beats are friendly to the turntable zealot, a perfect accompaniment to other space disco gems from Automan all the way to Xenon. Flip over for the gradual building arches of “Gegenstrom.” The mood is classic RSF, cerebral and celestial. The track has a good tempo but it is the swirling nebula of guitar strings that capture the listener in this heady piece, taking them ever further into the beyond. The finale comes in the form of “Renaissance.” RSF opens the bay doors to give a full and awesome view of his synthesizer cosmos. A wonderful track that echoes with orchestral grandeur and soundtrack memories. Sitting proud beside Vangelis or Tangerine Dream any day. An epic and mesmerising piece. To round off the whole experience is the breathtaking artwork of Emil Schult, a perfect finish to this breathtaking record. Sit back, strap on your headphones and let Roland Sebastian Faber take you through the corridors of gaseous giants, solar flares and into his own analogue astral plain.

12inch Aube Records: Aube012 € 8,99