Rude 66

Sadistic Tendencies

Rude 66 - Sadistic Tendencies

After a wait of 15 years and numerous 12''es, Ep's, random compilation tracks and remixes Rude 66 has finally finished a full length album and dare we say it's his most cohesive work to date? Sadistic Tendencies begins where 2005's Three Faces of Fear EP ended, with 18 tracks that slide like snails on the edge of straight razors, exploring the dark side of the human condition. Thematically connected, deep, dark and mind bendingly analogue, Sadistic Tendencies is both tense and full of release, sometimes brooding and encroaching at other times exploding into throbbing Synth laden Dance Floor Bombs. Superlatives aside, Sadistic Tendencies works exceptionally well as an album and is one of those rare 70 minute journey's that can be enjoyed from beginning to end – like a good horror movie that scares the hell out of you, but keeps drawing you in.

2x12inch Creme: CRLP08 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L