Rhythmic Theory

Mechanised Dreaming

Rhythmic Theory - Mechanised Dreaming

Bristol based Rhythmic Theory, known for working the dark and mysterious edges of bass heavy techno and drum & bass, returns to Creme Organization. After his first work for the label in 2017 he now brings a fulsome nine track mini-LP 'Mechanised Dreaming', exploring the dark corners of ambient and synth based intrigue. Previous releases landed on his self-titled imprint and labels like Idle Hands, BRSTL and Blackest Ever Black offshoot A41.

Atmospheric sound design is at the fore here, with cinematic soundscapes crafted from broad synth smears and plenty of subtle little motifs. The music paints pictures of a metropolis during the dead of night, or a former industrial factory reduced to a hall of echoes and shadows. There is subtle tension built from sustained chords and plenty of suggestion of weird lifeforms in the icy ticks and scuttling footsteps of thew a-side. Side b is less dark and dank, with slightly brighter synths and wider horizons all explored. This is a truly immersive and emotive listen that always keeps you absorbed.

LP Creme: CRLP14 € 14,99