Fabio Monesi

Riot EP

Fabio Monesi - Riot EP

Creme Organization's latest missive comes from Fabio Monesi, an Italian with a gritty house sound that is aimed squarely at the club. He's served up punchy beats on labels like Russian Torrent versions as well as his own Wilson Records before now and has a simple but effective sound.

'Riot' kicks us off with rock slid kicks and lithe synth stabs fleshing out the macho groove. Clever vocal samples bring some steaminess and ensure this one will do plenty of damage on the floor. 'Last Friday' is a raw and lo-fi affair with rattling, sharp edged hits and hissing synths all softened with jazzy chords. House drums and rolling bass prop it up in groovy fashion, then 'Reduction' is a frazzled brew of spiting hits, jerking machine grooves and busted frequencies that is as raw and tough as you like. Last of all, the excellent 'Ozyork' rounds us out with punchy drum programming, intoxicating and off kilter chords and brain frying sonic imperfections that are perfectly imperfect. Add in a deep acid line and you have a surefire house bomb with real meat in its bones.

12inch Creme: CR1296 € 9,49