The B12 Records Archive Vol. 1

B12 - The B12 Records Archive Vol. 1

The B12 Records Archive'' is a 7 volume double CD series collecting the entire B12 Records music archive from 1990-2005 including 98 tracks and 27 previously unreleased tracks. Volume 1 of this epic series collects the first 2 ultra rare releases on B12 Records, catalogue numbers B1201 (originally released on vinyl September 1991) and B1202 (January 1992). CD 1 combines the first ever B12 release, the first Musicology EP, which includes ‘Telefone 529’ and ‘Obsessed’ (which were both included on the duo’s Warp album ‘Electro Soma’), with 2 Bonus Tracks extracted from the B12 Archives that have never been heard before, ''Ming'' and ''Eliya''. CD 2 is a continuation of the experimental techno. It was here that the duo’s obsession with outer space and futuristic time travel began with their ''Space Age EP'', a journey that has only previously been experienced by a select few vinyl junkies, tracks that have never before been committed to the pure digital format they deserve. Also included on CD2 are another 2 Bonus Tracks, again previously unreleased and never been heard before.

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