The B12 Archive Vol. 7

B12 - The B12 Archive Vol. 7

The epic archive series closes with Volume 7 which collects B12’s final EP of the 90’s and tracks released on some of the most influential albumsand labels of the era. It finishes with the track that launched their return from a decade of hiatus, the fittingly titled ‘Back from the Edge’. CD1 Collects the legendary ‘15th EP’ from the duo Mike Golding and Steve Rutter under the guise of Redcell. It was after this EP, which was never officially released, that B12 disappeared from the face of Techno for almost a decade. When they finally returned this EP was finally released on vinyl but collected here in its previously unheard un-edited and remastered version. This EP is accompanied by the amazing soundscape ‘Seedoiz’ which was has not been released before.CD2 completes the archive series by compiling the best of B12 tracks that were released on labels other than B12 Records.

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