Deceased Unknown

B12 - Deceased Unknown

This release is by B12, UK techno at its finest. Established early 90’s with a multitude of releases appearing on Warp Records UK, B12 Records, Soma Records, Delsin Records, FireScope Records, ART B12 became active again in 2015 with the Soma release “Bokide 325” and the Delsin release “Orbiting Souls” and this year on DeTuned “Transient Life” and on FireScope “BrokenUnBroken” The EP entitled Deceased Unknown, a seemingly morbid piece of art (art/music) but look a little deeper! This EP sees B12 pick up the pace from their previous FireScope release BrokenUnBroken “Coduktor” An organ plays some subtle chords behind this track while beautiful drums skip along on top, to create a sonic backdrop for the very quirky melodies and top lines that constantly evolve and interpolate. A spiritual experience ? “Dont Look Down” 808 and 909 drum and pads always a killer combination add to this an odd malformed bass line which never really reveals quite what it is doing makes for a pretty interesting track. Don’t look down where is the question “Blue and Green Capsule” A pumping kick drum sets the pace for this track which builds up using classic B12 style drums. The swirling pads and sliding melodies interlaced make this track reminiscent of “Epillion” as featured on the classic B12 album “Time Tourist” on Warp Records in 1996. A track you can move your feet as well as your head to “Minor Decay” brain decay , world decay , urban decay , human decay , music decay , unavoidable decay - a simple straightforward techno track using its simplicity to conjure up feelings of sadness and thoughtfulness as well as joy and hope. A new hope Finished in glorious red with black splatter vinyl with exclusive artwork by Sarah Sparkes

12inch Firescope Records: FS002 remind