Toned Down ep

Soundmurderer - Toned Down ep

Tod Osborne is a chameleon, he can easily appropriate himself a musical style and perfectly operate while keeping his personality. After bowling over everyone with his album Osborne, released on the Spectral Sound label, he does not hesitate to release this new EP under the name Soundmurderer going back to the path of the jungle. Most will remember the soundmurderer releases on the Rephlex label that had brought back order to this historical style.
 This Ep opens with a composition reminding of these raw early releases with the raw energy of the cut up break beats and raving acid sounds. The other three pieces take a more melodic direction whithout getting dreamy or soft, but combining modern trickery with lush melodies. 4 mental tracks for all fans of Aphex Twin, Bogdan Raczynzki, Kettel and Squarepusher!!

12inch WeMe Records: WeMe016 € 7,99