RTR - 727

French producer RTR returns with a new double LP of explorative braindance entitled 727. Much like the aircraft carrier of the same name, 727 packs a lot of different sounds into its confines, traversing head-spinning breaks, placid dub techno, funky electro, and downtempo electronica while managing to adhere to a loosely cohesive framework. That a classic ‘90’s style hardcore rave-up like ‘05’ could land right next to the far more serene ‘Ned’ speaks to the strength of RTR’s crooked vision.

727 directives :

1.''Serve the public trust''
2.''Protect the innocent''
3.''Uphold the law''
5.''Restrain hostile feelings''
6.''Promote positive attitude''
7.''Suppress aggressiveness''
8.''Promote pro-social values''
9.''Avoid destructive behavior''
10.''Be accessible''
11.''Participate in group activities''
12.''Avoid interpersonal conflicts''

2LP WeMe Records: WeMe078 € 25,29