Donato Dozzy & Cio D Or

Menta (Peter van Hoesen remix)

Donato Dozzy & Cio D Or  - Menta (Peter van Hoesen remix)

Time To Express is pleased to present the first results of the collaboration between Italian producer Donato Dozzy and Cologne's finest, Cio D'Or. Both artists have recorded seperately for labels such as Wagon Repair, Railyard, Aquaplano, Motoguzzi, Broque and Treibstoff. A great three track ep with dirty minimalized techno killers that must be played out loud for full effect! Somehow reminiscent to the good old days from minimal Unit Moebius and Plastikman tracks.... when minimal techno wasn't about pleasing the crowd (which it did after all). 3 tracks with deep sub bass driven grooves and distant melodies that move in spirals in and out of the mix with a moving and twisting beat. It's sour and dirty, with a touch of that particular blend of mesmerising techno both producers are known for. The Peter van Hoessen mix is more upfront and in your face. Mental introvert techno tracks that will take the party to another level! Tip!!

12inch Time To Express: T2X007 remind