Aux 88

Mad Scientist vol.2

Aux 88 - Mad Scientist vol.2

Aux 88 Mad Scientist Volume 2 marks the dark side of the Scientist. Fans have been asking for Vinyl and Aux 88 and Puzzlebox records deliver. Gosub and Mr Velcro Fastener pump the song Exsterterestrial Time Travelers With new surgeon like precision with Aux 88's great vocalization over the top to give the Electro world more of what only Aux 88 can bring on a dance floor. Side B is the first of 2 ongoing collaborations with The Dynamik bass system giving Aux 88 even more Bass. Last is one of Aux 88 Croatian brothers Nter from the crobot crew. Taking on Time portal Nter gives his mix a electro funk style mix showing why the crobots have soul..

12inch Puzzlebox: Pbx019 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L