Misinformation Campaign

Stingray313 - Misinformation Campaign

Sherard Ingram returns to TRUST with his first release of 2011: Misinformation Campaign.
Since the early 1990s the Detroit-based DJ and producer has pioneered a unique fusion of downbeat and electronica, techno and electro through his releases for such seminal labels as Mo Wax, Planet E, and Rephlex.
2010 has been an incredibly busy year for Ingram with releases on NakedLunch, Planet E, and a much publicized reunion with Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon and Anthony Shakir as Urban Tribe for an acclaimed album release on Mahogani Music.
2011 has so far seen Ingram tour with Urban Tribe as well as under his DJ Stingray moniker, but it is up to TRUST to release his first vinyl record of the year.
This is his third EP for the label after Bio Electronic and Social Engineering.
On this record Sherard Ingram contrasts his lightning-fast electro-inspired rhythms with lush synth melodies and glistening arpeggios. On occasion more menacing and dystopian moods gain the upper hand, such as on the b-side’s Who’s Watching,the Watchers and Defect.
This record is impossible to pigeonhole, refining a style that is unmistakably Stingray‘s own and which has over the past years earned him the respect of the electro, techno, dubstep, electronica, and minimal dnb camps alike.

12inch Trust: Trust020 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L