Galaxian X Stingray313


Galaxian X Stingray313 - NU-1000

An Atlantic crossover brings together Detroit's Stingray313 and Glasgow's Galaxian for a very special 12". More collaboration than split, the EP sees each artist fly solo as well as combining their admirable analogue abilities. Pressures are high from the outset, Galaxian twists and teases patterns in the reverbing reverence of "Storm Coming." BPMs surge as the two merge for the cold "NU-1000." Lilting notes ghost between rasping rhythms. And it is around such racing drums that warmth flows, as in the meandering softness of "Graphene." Beats don't abate as Stingray takes the helm for the blistering bass of "Dopant."

12inch Shipwrec: Ship036 remind