Jon Convex


Jon Convex - Idoru

In a time where music classification and compartmentalising of genres loses all meaning, Jon Convex has been at the forefront advocating a new wave of electronic music. His new solo album 'IDORU' (A Japanese word derived from the English 'idol') is his multi-dimensional sound projected into a new species of electronic music production. The themes on Idoru are evident from the start. Influenced from a young age, growing up in a video rental store during the 80's and vinyl hunting in the 90's, these distinguished eras are stamped all over Idoru. The album is further fused with his previous production mastery pirouetting gracefully over his mutated Techno House repertoire. From the Autonomic inspired 'Fade' to the brooding tones of 'About Her' who's late night vibes and pitched vocals pay homage to Drexciyan project 'Other peoples place'.

CD Convex Industries: ConvexCD001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L