Jon Convex

Idoru EP2

Jon Convex - Idoru EP2

The 2nd E.P taken from Jon Convex’s debut Idoru L.P is a turn for the darker side than its predecessor. On these two limited 10'' plates, Convex transports us into a cold and Dystopian future. Sharp metallic edges and automated machine drones cut through Aversion then pushes your eardrums through the airlock into deep space on Desolation. Here synthesised waves sweep you into the hard vacuum of filtered bass progressions. Four Faces continues the hardened theme with its pulsing synthetic kicks and interlocking mechanical structures, creating a tense claustrophobic environment. After a strong critically well received collaborative effort on Martyn’s 3024 label, dBridge makes another appearance with Convex Industries on EP#2. dBridge features as his fast evolving Velvit moniker. Convex morphs the Velvit vocals over a hi-tech bass work out on What I need pushing a distinctive Chicago house feel throughout the tune. Jon Convex is serves up his refined technique with his cutting edge productions that became synonymous with his partnership of the genre defying Instra:mental.

2x10inch Convex Industries: Convex004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L