Optic Nerve

Detropolis EP

Optic Nerve - Detropolis EP

Detropolis (original mix) is Optic Nerves take on Detroit's infrastructure rebuilding. Detropolis Opens with the Unmistakable optic nerve strings giving you a sense of riding on a futuristic people mover in the night time summer air. The Dark and twisted growly baselines makes you long for partying in the new downtown Detroit. A2 Is the Aux 88 Mad Scientist mix describing this as funky is a understatement Aux 88 mix brings the funk, soul and Detroit dankness that has inspired a culture. Techno Bass purely for the dance floor. Side b1 Detroit vocal mental mix is a Tucker whisper style vocoder driven techno groove with a baseline that Makes you long to be on techno blvd located near downtown. The beats are swinging to a pitch wheeled baseline that grooves the soul. B2 Detropolis M5 Central Station Mix is a more up-tempo beat excursion into a pro one pumped bass line. Showcasing Juan Atkins influence on tuckers career. Tuckers style is so well studio mastered but somehow Minimal beat oriented on this ep that it comes off as his unmistakable optic nerve style. You can almost hear the robotic voice on the futuristic rail system speaking ever so softly ìYou have reached the techno Mecca of downtown Detroit.

12inch Puzzlebox: PBX023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L