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Syncom Data

We Wont They Will

cover: Syncom Data - We Wont They Will

New reference by Titan’s Halo comes from Syncom Data. We Won’t They Will is a conceptual avant-techno track in two different approaches plus remixes by Kangding Ray and The Transhumans. Syncom Data are trying to depict robots frantically working in an unknown space project related to the Titan’s Halo colony. The track title, We Won’t They Will, tries to reflect an obvious statement: it is more than likely that all future explorations and constructions in space or other planets and stars, will be conducted by intelligent robots, including only a human monitoring performed from long distances, in safe places. Including remixes by Kangding Ray (who drags the original track into a deep and thick joint) and Transhumans (who go for a harder take of the track, adding millsian and hoodesque subtleness). Big tip!!

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