Dj Overdose

Bizarro World

Dj Overdose - Bizarro World

The bomb that should have dropped way back when. After a career spanning almost two decades DJ Overdose debuts on Creme with his first full length album, upon which we remark with carefully considered understatement: 'A veritable tour de resistance in film noir electronics, Bizarro World is a dank and dark alley made flesh. Overdose's heavy soulful beats and soundscapes snatch your dreams right from under you like a shadowy kleptomaniac, masterfully pairing melancholy and ennui with fear and voyeuristic tiger-lurking-in-the-bushes paranoia. So lock up your future plans or you might very well find yourself without any'. For those who don't know, DJ Overdose is one of the OG's of the La Haya underground, one half of Novamen and the other half of The Hasbeens with classic and sought after releases on Bunker, Viewlexx, Murdercapital, Clone and Strange Life to name a few. In his spare time he doubles as a hand model for Bruce Willis.

2LP Creme: CrecLP01 € 16,99