Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi

Canzone Registrata

Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi - Canzone Registrata

Mysterious ensemble Cristalli Liquidi are back on Artifact with their second single. This is another all-Italian new wave affair entitled Canzone Registrata (Recorded Song). Of course we have no idea of what the song is about since the lyrics are in Italian, but it sounds awesome and just like the first single it was produced by Bottin.
In addition to the juicy extended and dub versions we have remix duties aptly carried out by the Florentine godfather of italo disco Alexander Robotnick and Milanese dream-team Le Macchine (consisting of The Love Supreme & The Barking Dogs) who deliver a killer retro house (or maybe nu-new-beat?) remix ready to break the toughest dancefloor like an ice pick. Be quick, very limited supplies as always with this label. If it ends up like the first single, it will sell out even before actual release date!

12inch Artifact: Art06 € 8,49