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Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi

Incubo Assoluto

cover: Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi - Incubo Assoluto

Sarcastic and obscure neo-italo-wave band Cristalli Liquidi once again steps into limelight with a third single on the equally mysterious Artifact imprint. Incubo Assoluto (which is Italian for "absolute nightmare" or so we are told) comes in a thick, pulsating synth mix as well as in a more straight and spread out version with just enough chugging guitar to mutate your dance moves from whirling disco dervish to robot rock. Lyrics are by Roberto "Freak" Antoni (known as frontman of 70s Italian punk band Skiantos who sadly passed away on february 12th this year). This is another ultra cool release on Bottin's Artifact label.

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vinyl 12inch Artifact Art08 in stock buy € 8.49