D'Marc Cantu

Alternate Frequencies

D'Marc Cantu - Alternate Frequencies

18 Months after serving up his debut LP ''Fallen'', D'Marc Cantu returns to his other home from home, Crème Organization. He’s back with a six track EP, Alternate Frequency, that sees him explore the same prickly analogue house and techno that has made him into the revered producer he is today. The title track opens up the EP with fizzing analogue synth lines and a nervous, howling melody before acid, muffled vocals and coarse claps all get chucked into the dense sci-fi mix. 'Size And Shape' is a more propulsive and dancefloor facing track. Surfing along on a lively kick drum, repeated vocal phrases interact with choppy percussion, glowing pads light up the backdrop and a delightfully lively melody runs amok at the centre of it all. Like an old school garage house track in overdrive, it’s full of charm. 'Straight Shooter' is then a zithering, 100 mile an hour piece of skeletal acid techno that grows ever more frantic and 'Tazakuro' is a lively analogue brew of cowbells, freewheeling synths and tumbling drums. ‘Titanium Control Arms’ lurks deep in outer space with the humdrum of intergalactic space travel gurgling all around the central melodic motif and 'Speed Freak' is just that, a hyper-driven bit of electro with frantic percussion and riddled with unnerving synth lines that makes you want to jiggle every bone in your body.

EP Creme: CR1265 remind