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West Norwood Cassette Library

8 Track Cartridge

cover: West Norwood Cassette Library - 8 Track Cartridge

West Norwood Cassette Library, AKA Bob Bhamra, has been digging through the vaults of his extensive production library, serving up this delightful double pack of gems and nuggets. Some of these tracks have been buried deep for a few years, others have been 'dubplate only' for a while, so you're definitely opening up a Pandora's box of delights here. ‘Acid Jazz' cuts and chops the classic breaks and samples with some frenzied acid action, whilst '(We Have To Live) In The Future' holds a dusty and raw disco house vibe. Elsewhere on the double pack, 'Innervisions' slams down a solid Todd Terry-esque breaksbeat pattern, peppered with all the hallmarks of the classic London garage sound. 'Roots' plunders the WNCL influences, a hybrid track that fuses electro and drum & bass with ease, whilst 'Body Rock' and 'Time Loops' showcases his love of jazz and funk, always cutting and chopping but with a contemporary presentation on the music.

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vinyl 2x12inch Hypercolour Hype035 not available remind
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