Panopticon EP

DSCRD - Panopticon EP

This is the long awaited comeback of the gang of five - dscrd - to their first home - DEMENT3D. ''The story all started 2 years ago, in november 2011, when we first released the ''Discordance EP'' - a collection of 4 pieces of music that would boldly set the foundations to our label : it was our very first attempt at releasing a record, and we are still thankful today for the support and public we have come across at that time.

Since then, dscrd have successfully made a name for themselves, playing a number of countries and festivals, releasing some excellent music on Silicate Music or Stroboscopic Artefacts.
If one could suppose they are reaching a certain kind of maturity and comfort, well this record says the exact opposite.

These four tracks are wildly imaginative, crossover and rebellious to the electronic music format dogma. This can only resonate with the titles they have chosen for the EP . If you have seen them live, you might have spotted the voices of Foucault or Watkins here and there...

New specific sequencer software have been coded, legendary vintage bass guitar amps recorded, new ideas and equipment searched and destroyed: every dscrd record involves a breathtaking amount of research and creation.

This record, although still a short format, has been generated through an album composition process and should be listened as such.''

12inch DEMENT3D: DM3D007 € 8,49