Unknown Bodies

Coldgeist - Unknown Bodies

Coldgeist's music on Unknown Bodies is an intimate reinterpretation of coldwave, techno and dark ambient codes, uttered with strength, guts, and an underlying romantic soul.
Inspired by nocturnal runs of ''bosozoku'' bikers clans, who stem from this japanese subculture of the late seventies ; Coldgeist has created a series of soundscapes and songs that evoke speeding through foggy nights and fluorescent lights. Haunting repetitions and stiffness of the rhythms as a metaphor of mechanical gestures, of bodies turned into units of consumption, stranded from the life and passion they crave. The frustration of a youth that only finds relief in extreme experiences, danger, and the sexual tension of speed and crashes.
With analog and digital instruments, field recordings but also his own voice and songs, Coldgeist has bred a truly unique record.

12inch DEMENT3D: DM3D019 € 8,99