In Aeternam Vale

Pink Flamingos

In Aeternam Vale - Pink Flamingos

Imagine you are being invited to the studio of a visionary, and get to discover some brand new futuristic experiments along with tracks made 25 years ago that sound as if they've been made yesterday. Well that's what the careful listener who plunges himself in the album from start to finish should feel like. It is not very common to display a tracklisting that ranges through three decades, and call it an album. However, all of the music here is unpublished, exclusive, unreleased... It is also extremely rare to encounter artists that have never taken a break from studio creation, and this unbroken continuum is probably the reason why there is no relevance to any chronological classification of his work. The intent in the beginning, was to focus on the more recent, experimental side of In Aeternam Vale's work, and to look at his work through an angle that would be complementary to some recent techno releases on Jealous God or 80's gems on Minimal Wave. Only, a few visits to his studio in Lyon were decisive. Imagine seeing the history of 30 years of electronic music flash through your ears, just in a few hours. 'IAV' has been exploring new grounds and sometimes even pioneering new styles and subgenres several times, with literally hundreds of tracks to listen to. Words are not enough to describe this record's digger absolute dream : the discovery of a secret parallel universe where so much music has been created and kept under the radar. Playing live, IAV is quite notorious for hoisting his modular cases above his head in fiery resonant solos, as if an electric guitar. Rumor has it, a few live performances have gone absolutely wild lately. Laurent has lost nothing of the raw punk energy of his youth. His music ; although very carefully crafted and ever so often introspective, is almost never deprived of his caustic sense of humour. You can always feel something similar to the prank of a playful gifted kid using intense frequencies to trick his audience in getting locked in. You can actually hear, in each one of those 16 tracks, how much fun he's having, playing with your mind.

3x12inch DEMENT3D: DM3D013 € 24,99