Bushwalking ep

Mayaku - Bushwalking ep

Nuno dos Santos' Something Happening Somewhere is back with the second instalment of it's story driven streak of releases. Based on the Rendlesham Forest Incident, the Belgian threesome Mayaku fired up their analog hardware and recorded their version of the story: a throbbing 13 minute jam named 'Bushwalking'. With it's quintessential bassline and strange, organic touches all across, this original provides a welcome breath of fresh air when played.
On the flip, slowing down the tempo and adding additional layers of density is Johannes Brecht. Bells and rhodes cooperate unifying melody and mystery, while the original killer bassline is retained for maximum effect, creating a remix suitable for almost every record bag out there. Rounding off the EP is a final slow burner summoned by Dilated Pupils, a new collective from Nijmegen shrouded in secrecy. Hypnotising crowds, closing eyes, raising hands. Their Burning Bush Remix sounds as though it was recorded at the Rendlesham Incident site itself.

12inch Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo002 € 9,99