Shtum 004

Leibniz - Shtum 004

shtum strikes back with another fresh talent straight from Leipzig's basements. With only two releases so far, Leibniz' sound is already pretty forward thinking. On "shtum 004" he explores beats between dusty House, his Hip-Hop roots and off-the-grid drum patterns.

The record starts with "YouAndMe" which showcases dirty percussion work and a cracking sample over an unstoppable piano melody. "Feli" is a House killer track through and through. And when that chord changes hands are up! Based on spooky synths "PukPukPuk" sounds like nasty Ambient with heavy beats. That tune surely cuts its own path on the dance floor. Finally, "Stumm" feels like one single Rave build-up. But with understatement it denies the climax.

Once again, the illustration on the B-side label is by Aram Haydeyan.

12inch Shtum: Shtum004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L