Drvg Cvltvre

American Psychosis [Part two]

Drvg Cvltvre - American Psychosis [Part two]

Following on from the first part in April, Shipwrec proudly serve up a second instalment of the American Psychosis project by pioneering Dutch producer Drvg Cvltvre, who has previously released on the likes of Viewlexx, Bunker and Porn Wax, next to his own New York Haunted label. Drvg Cvltvre is known for his experimental and boundary pushing sounds and it's no different here, on either track. The first, 'March into Nothingness' is a truly bleak and foreboding affair with serrated synths and thick, dense fog hanging in the air above slow and purposeful drums. Like a post apocalyptic industrial estate it is a raw and arresting place to be. 'Drown Into The Eternal Twilight' is then an even harder edge techno stomper with angry synth lines, tough drums and tons of white noise darkening the foreboding airwaves. The artwork here is by Dutch artist Rutger Termohlen - who made five unique drawings, which are used throughout the artwork. Both parts come in a fully printed disco sleeve, but as part 2 completes the package this will be available in an outer sleeve with the last of the five drawings on the front cover. Again both sides have some locked grooves as well.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship023.2 remind