Psychoanalysis EP

Noamm - Psychoanalysis EP

Noamm is the electronic equivalent of a honed switchblade. With surgical precision the Bass Agenda alumnus incises keys, cuts chords, pierces percussion and razors through rhythms. It is this slicing sound that the Greek artist brings to his debut 12" for Shipwrec. Seven tracks of machined melodies and frigid fire make up Psychoanalysis. The EP is brimming with calculated fury and clinical rage. From the coursing cruelty of "Ruhestimmung" and the menacing "Dance Macabre" to the future world coldness of "Das Schwarze Korps", Noamm is direct and straight to the point with his hard hitting style and no-nonsense approach. Few respites are to be found on this 12", "Into The Abyss Of Changing Subconsious" being the only refuge from the arctic winds and audio blasts that scour this record. Frosted ferocity from start to finish from this exciting musician.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship062 € 9,99