Anti Lunatic Squad

Lost In Compression

Anti Lunatic Squad - Lost In Compression

Analogue Bipolar Boy and RogueFrequency approach electronic music with a frenetic sense of purpose and serious intent. The two have come together to form the Anti Lunatic Squad, both split across Lost In Compression. With a living room full of hardware, and an ear for combinations, Colin Smith has harnessed the raw thrust of techno and the fragile elegance of electro. This audio alchemy is plain to hear in his two sublime contributions. Sweeping synthlines spiral and swirl in the astral sophistication of "DEx" before the caustic corrosive thump and embittered 303 rumbles of "Charlotte's Web." Rogue Frequency occupies the flip and Dave Hayden immediately makes his presence known with the dark and dramatic "Mutual Assured Destruction." The Irishman continues his path of devastation with the lethal banger that is "Hell is Your Kingdom." A black eyed strangler of techno rage that will burn through any dancefloor. Welcome to the asylum.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship060 € 9,99