DJ Haus

Peekaboo ep

DJ Haus - Peekaboo ep

Next up on Creme Organization is someone who has been winning lots of fans with his tough, masculine house music in the last couple of years. Releasing on labels like Unknown to the Unknown and his own Hot Haus Recs, DJ Haus's sound is one that aims squarely at the dance floor.

Up first here is 'Wurk it Girl', a slamming track with old school bass, sharp percussion and none stabs that are impossible not to move to. Various passion fuelled vocal cries also add to the sweaty atmosphere where next cut 'Little Pieces' gets a bit weird: chopped and cut up vocals form patchwork patterns above bursts of siren, bright synths and icy hi hats. Urgent and heavy, driven by tough kicks and with a freewheeling sense of fun, it's a veritable house bomb. Title track 'Peekaboo' is slower and more purposeful, with more weird vocals heavily treated and darting about above steel sounding stabs, glassy pads and smoother synths. The gritty, swinging 'Feel The Powder' is a coked up house jam with lots of sleaze, manic indecipherable vocals and fat, squelchy bass.

Weird but never too weird, this is nerve jangling, sweat inducing and high impact house of the highest order.

12inch Creme: CR1279 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L