Shtum 006

Jaures - Shtum 006

With the sixth record, shtum continues to introduce fresh artists with different perceptions on what Techno is about. After Jaures debuted just recently with an EP on Oliver Hafenbauer's label Die Orakel, the Uncanny Valley sub label is more than happy to welcome the two Berlin based boys on board. "Detitled" starts a trip to the dirty corners of your city. The track is loaded with punchy drum attacks and despite its dusty basses and synths, it doesn't lose its slightly melancholic vibe. "Davos" runs in the same vein with Jaures squeezing floating sounds out of their machines for a wild ride through the urban jungle. On the flip side "Nascent" starts gloomy and uncompromising before it builds up slowly until Jaures' rusty trademark synths are revealed. Finally, you'll get a "Reprise" to highlight all their sound research elements. Once again, the illustration on the B-side label is by Aram Haydeyan.

12inch Shtum: Shtum006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L