Bernard Fevre


Bernard Fevre - Suspense

Private Records will release French experimental composer Bernard Fèvre's storied Disco Club EP (1978) for the for the first time in its original, complete sequence. A pair of Fèvre's most influential library LPs will also see their first time reissue on the same date: Suspense (1975) and Cosmos 2043 (1977). Fèvre's work, sui generis in both approach and form, has been a touchstone for countless generations of electronic musicians and creators from the periphery. Read on for more insight into these relics. and do not miss the charming missive recently penned by Mr. Fèvre via the EPK below, where he discusses his legacy, the discos of late 70's Paris, some surprising influences (The Addams Family, Buster Keaton) and much more. - Suspense is a library LP of cinematic, proto-electro vignettes tied together with tense, dramatic melodies befitting of its title. Conceived in mid-1970's Paris, Suspense soundtracks an eerie motion picture that would never be made. We're proud to present this legendary work on the fortieth anniversary of its creation, remastered from the original tapes by Fèvre.

LP Private Records: 369.025 remind