Roger van Lunteren

The Hills

Roger van Lunteren  - The Hills

030303 strikes again with this quirky, ultra-fresh and hard to pinpoint 4-track twelve. Hills I Want You is a very rich harmonious collage of staccato rhythms, abstract vocal snippets, classic strings and piano house; twisted dance floor material. Zeroz-On, bangs it out in a static, stomping way where heavy, in your face synth sounds take turns in melody making with mid range Roland bass lines. The Broke, the first track on the flip is again manically melodic, this time in conjunction with brutally distorted beats. The EP closes with the chilled out In Sight Out which features a mix of jazzy and mind bending melodies, this time with a slightly more subdued rhythm section. We highly recommend this twelve for fans of full on melodic acid with a distant reference to the classic rave era.

12inch 030303: 030EP009 remind