Amazon Atlantis

Simoncino - Amazon Atlantis

Acclaimed Italian house producer Simoncino is back with another full length album, Amazon Atlantis, this time on one of his regular label homes, Creme Organization. Simoncino, known for his real passion for collecting and playing authentic analogue gear and his ability to craft dream like soundscapes and mystical house atmospheres, made the album over an extended period of time in his home studio in Perugia, Italy. The album features two collaborations with close friend Legowelt and legend Vincent Floyd. Spaced out moods and cosmic signifiers, classic break beats and deep and gurgling house beats. This is a complete album that takes you on a roller coaster ride through myriad different moods and grooves, always with an authentic sense of atmosphere and real sense of purpose.

2LP Creme: Crlp12 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L