Random XS

The Return

Random XS - The Return

Shipwrec is turning back the clock and paying deserved respect to a giant in dutch acid. Active in the 90s, Random XS delivered high octane, 303 drenched, techno on the trailblazing Djax-Up-Beats like few others could. "Errant" and "Truant" have been reclaimed from '97, the first seeing them team up with fellow djaxer Binaural with the latter being a collaboration with Lost Trax (of Tabernacle fame.) The emblematic TB303 is at the heart of the EP. Acid lines melt and reform behind distant bleeps for "Errant". Lush chords ebb behind scuttling hi-hats in a deep journey of subaquatic electronics. "Truant" keeps that bubbling energy, teetering on the boundary between techno and ambient the track leads the listener deeper and deeper into a sonic labyrinth. An historic EP of texture and thump.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship032 remind